I can't believe how little pictures I took today but for a good reason.  I've been reorganzing and purging stuff.  This feeling does not come around very often so I need to take advantage of it.  But here are the cookies that Micah requested I make to share with her friends tomorrow at school for her birthday.


Here are the girls in their new skates and helmets.  We went skating at a local arena this afternoon with some friends.  The kids did great but they prefer the rougher outdoor ice better.  Didn't get a great one of Isaac due to who was watching who.


Today we had Micah's friend birthday party.  We had rainbow cupcakes this morning with candles for everyone. 


Tomorrow is Micah's friend birthday party.  The kids didn't have school today so Micah and I got the treat bags ready for her friends.


This was the view out our kitchen windo at supper time tonight.


I had other pictures done to share for today but couldn't resist posting this one.  The is a very rare occasion for him.  He gave up his nap almost 2 1/2 years ago but he had a rough night last night so he must have needed this.


Here is my 5 year old reading.  They bring books home to have their parents read to them and the children point out some words.  Well, Micah instead reads it to us and we help her with the odd word.


Today was another beautiful day.  I spent a lot of time scraping and shovelling the driveway.  Isaac came and "helped" me.  He had fun playing in the snow in the front yard.


It was a beautiful day here today and we were at my parents.  We went and made snowmen in the back yard and did it just in time as the snow was almost not wanting to stick.  It was so nice to take pictures outside again!


Before bed tonight Micah asked if she could play Lite Brite...it's been a LONG time since they have played them.  Once Jael came up she joined in the fun.  A nice quiet activity before bed.


This was the kids excitement today.  We finally got around to getting each of the kids a pair of skates.  Can't wait until next weekend to try them out!


It is music recital time in our house.  This Saturday all 3 kids will perform in the same recital and they all have different instruments home for their ensemble part of the program.   Here is one of the drums we have in our home right now. 
Today's picture was again taken through the window:)  This is through our living room window as the sun was rising this morning through our tree in the front yard.  Looking forward to the forcasted -10 degrees tomorrow.


 I thought the bottom of the gazebo frame looked neat with how the snow piled up on it.  I'm more impressed that I took this picture through our kitchen window. 


Just a reminder of the wonderful holiday we had in November when we were able to escape the cold.  Somewhat wishing we could the same now:)


Today we were at my inlaws with the rest of my hubby's family.  My youngest nephew loves chasing Isaac around or being chased by Isaac.  I just love the look on Isaac's face in this picture:) 


Since I've put individual pictures of my other two children, I thought I should do one of my oldest.  She was snuggling on the couch after school today watching cartoons, happy that it was Friday.


Today has been a busy day but I was able to take advantage of some natural light this afternoon and took some pictures our piano.  We are "storing" the piano for my sister right now until she settles down and has a place for it.  We have for a least 2 more years and I'm guessing a little longer than that.  It was my grandparents piano and it's the piano my sister and I learnt to play on.  It now is the piano that my kids are learning how to play as well.  As much as I dislike how much space it takes up, I love having this piano in our home!


This was one of my things on my to do list today...baking chocolate chip cookies.  My hubby's coworker who he has shared an office with for the last 5 years has his last day tomorrow and then is moving on to a different job in a different city.  His coworker is a big fan of these cookies and it's a been awhile since I've sent some to work so I thought I should make some for his last day. 


Here's Mr. Isaac dressed up as Winnie the Pooh.  I'm glad that he likes dressing up just as much as his sisters do. 


We woke up this morning to hoarfrost.  I was excited to get out and take some pictures.  Isaac wanted to go outside this morning but while we were getting our snow suits on he said he wanted me to throw the ball and he would hit it with the bat.  He wasn't thrilled with me when I told him that that stuff was in the shed and we'd have to wait until the snow melted to get to them.  Thankfully he kept getting ready and we enjoyed playing in the snow. 


Here's my little Miss Micah!!!  She was being silly with her skirt on her head and posing for me.  This is what we came up with.   On a side note, I worked on Project Life last night.  I'm doing the online version and loving it.  I'm doing one for each of the children and am so excited to document the year this way for them. 


Tonight right before bed, the girls were watching something on the computer and the boys were playing something on the Ipod.  It was a quiet way to end the day. 


Can't believe we're a week into January!!!  Tonight Jael really wanted to play a family game eventhough everyone was tired and grumpy.  We somehow made it through the game with Daddy winning and I came in last.  Jael got the children's version of the Farming Game a couple of Christmases and it has gotten plenty of play. 


 Here's Isaac playing computer games and of course his tongue is sticking out.  His tongue pops out whenever he is concentrating on something.  Happy 6th day of January!!


My original thought today was to take a picture while it was snowing today but waited too long and it stopped snowing.  So, I took my camera outside and found this icicle hanging down from my van.  


I wasn't sure what I was going to take a picture of.  Then, Jael brought one of her gifts from her teacher for Christmas and thought that might be an idea.  

They just got dumped on the table so nicely.  I'm more amazed that she hadn't finishe them off over the Christmas holiday.

And I had to add this last one to celebrate Canada's win against the US last night in hockey!!!  Hopefully they can pull out a gold tomorrow night. 


I love this photo of the my 2 little ones.  When looking at them from this angle, I think they could easily be mistaken for twins.
 I also had to add what Micah came home from school with today.  She made the picture and her teacher wrote down the words with the picture.  I love how her imagination comes up with stuff. 


Today was the last day the kids had at home before they head back to school tomorrow.  There were a few things that we neglected over the break and thought we better do today.
Jael need to get some piano practice done.
 Micah had some "homework" to do.  
This last one didn't get neglected over the break.  My hubby got a brand new tv before Christmas and hadn't had an opportunity to watch his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, on it yet.  So, Daddy and Isaac put on their Packer shirts and enjoyed the game!!

1/365 A later morning

It took until almost 11 this morning for me to get my first cup of coffee...usually it happens 3 hours or earlier.  This was a nice treat!!!  Last night we rung in the new year with friends and all 3 children stayed up to bring in 2011.  So, thankfully they all "slept in" past 8:30 and we didn't get out of bed until sometime after 9.  It was wonderful for the first morning of 2011 to be a leisurely one.  Happy 2011 everyone!!!