This morning when we went outside before school, this is the sight that excited my children!!!  Seeing grass on our front lawn by the sidewalk.  Yes, I think spring has finally come!!!


The weather was a little warmer today.  I made 3 trips walking to and from school and it felt great to enjoy being outside again.  Since it was nice we went for another puddle jumping walk.  This is where Micah ended up!!


I wasn't very inspired today.  The sun was not out and it was snowing/raining again.  I'm really ready for spring to start, so you get another icicle picture.


I LOVE this photo.  I just walked past the living room and saw this!  Jael was helping Micah read and they did it all on their own.  Jael is such a great big sister and Micah is learning so quickly!


It's not the greatest photo but I had to get a picture of Micah with her new Bible.  She requested a Bible earlier in the week since she can read now.  So, while we were out last night we picked this up for her and gave it to her tonight when they came home. 


This was what you saw if you came in our front door today.  The kids suitcases all lined up and ready to go.  They are now at the inlaws for a sleepover.  Hubby and I enjoyed supper out and some running around and now it's time to relax and watch a movie.  I'm looking forward to not having someone walk in my room at 7 tomorrow morning and ask if it's morning time:)


Sorry, it's another icicle picture but with all the melting and freezing going on here, they are in abundance outside.  This one is from the roof on the back of our house.


It finally started melting again here today!!!  Here is a picture from my neighbours house.  It's starting to melt off the eavestrough.  I'm really hoping this melting will continue.  I'm tired of snow suits and boots when it's almost the end of March.


Micah & Isaac built walls out of their stuffed animals today.  Can you guess which belonged to who?


I asked Micah to read her book that she brought home from school.  This is the position that she found comfortable to read it.  Whatever works for her, works for me!!


I took pictures at church this morning for our CE department.  I LOVE doing this!!!  I LOVE seeing the kids learning about God and seeing our wonderful volunteers work with the children because they are awesome!!!  Here's a picture of little buddy smiling at one of the volunteers. 


We had a great day today!!!  We went with friends to the Forestry Farm and then played later at the new playground.  This is Micah on her way to the new playground in deep snow.  She reverted to crawling on the snow because the snow was too deep.


Big day in our household today.  Isaac printed his name for the first time.  With the girls I never really had to teach them to print their names.  They just did it.  Isaac has been different but he actually was willing to sit down with me today and copy his name from letters I wrote. 


And this is the result when I try and get a picture of the kids before we leave for school in the morning.  Happy Green day!!!


I think I've mentioned before, but both our girls take piano lessons and Isaac is very anxious to have his turn next year.  Micah is starting to learn the notes on spaces and lines so this is part of her homework from this week, numbering the lines in the treble clef.


Today after school was perfect weather for puddle jumping!!!  It's the first day we've been able to wear spring jackets, splash pants and rubber boots!!


This is what Isaac and I did this afternoon.  We lined up his cars in his room, he was so proud of all his cars lined up.


Today was a beautiful day.  We spent some time outside this afternoon moving some snow away from the house.  The kids were enjoying moving some of the bigger snow clumps to their fort.  The girls would pull and as Isaac put it, they were using teamwork by having him push the sled with the snow on it.  Needless to say, everyone's clothes headed the dryer upon coming into the house.


Here's Isaac making fish lips while we were waiting for Micah to come for supper.


Here's Miss Micah and hubby practicing piano this evening.  Micah was helping push his fingers down.  I


The kids didn't have school today because it was 3 way conferences so we had the morning at home.  Micah was in a cleaning mood so first she cleaned her brothers room and organized his bed for him and then proceeded to clean her and Jael's room all by herself.  She did such an awesome job!!!  Here's little buddy so proud to be on his newly organized bed!


The 2 younger ones wanted to play with playdoh after school and this is the cookie that Micah made for me.


Unfortunately we aren't close to needing these here yet, I still plugged in my van last night.  But I'm going through things we will need in the next month or two because I know things are going to get busy here getting ready for our trip.   I did so well at putting away rubber boots last year that I can find them.  I had these pair out since Isaac got them from a neighbour a month or two ago.   Searching for them will be one of my jobs for tomorrow.


I love the creativity my children have!!! These are the glasses my little Miss Micah made out of pipecleaners!


And here we are, Jael with 4 missing teeth!!!  The 4th one finally came out today during lunch.  We are thankful that this round of loose teeth are done with for her.  It's a LONG process:)


My monkey at her 6 year check up...can't you tell she's thrilled with me for taking the picture!!!  It's been a busy day today and this is as good as it gets:)


Isaac and I played "battle" with Skipbo cards this afternoon.  He knows his numbers so well and which ones are larger.  So proud of him!!


Yes, it's another one of my little boy, but just look at his eyelashes!!!  He definitely gets that from his Daddy!


This may seem like a strange picture but since I got locked out of my house today, this is very fitting.  I did get in and all is well.