We finally convinced Micah it was time to try her 2 wheeler bike.  She did great.  She needs some help starting and stopping but she's got the riding all figure out!  She loves speed so she was just giggling as she rode down the street.


The circus came to town and we took the kids to go see it.  It was my first circus too!


This is the only clematis out of 5 that I have planted that have survived and it gets bigger every year.  Love seeing some greenery on the side of our house.


Here are the first of my irises that are blooming...I just love when flowers start blooming.


Here's our little baby robins...I'm actually a little surprised that they are still alive but very happy.


I love the sun in the morning coming through the trees!


Here's another apple bloom picture.  Can't help myself, the trees are beautiful!!!


In the last couple of days with all the sun and heat, our apple trees have just exploded in blooms.   So we'll see if the bees do their job before the wind comes and we should have a nice crop of apples this year!


We are not big animal people but this robin has become our family pet.  We cut down the tree that she lived in with her babies and didn't see the nest when we cut off that branch  So thankfully she found her nest in the fence and came back to it.


This what I was busy with today.  I was busy getting my flowerbeds and garden ready.  It was so beautiful out!


My buddy taking a break from drawing with chalk and watching his sisters.


Well, I'm not sure where I missed out on a day but I'm jumping from 136 to 138.  I love this picture of Jael...just full of JOY!!!


At supper Micah wanted to go and get a sweater on.  She grabbed her brother's sweater.  This is one of my favorites of Isaac's and this blue looked SO GOOD on Micah with her blue eyes!


We went to the park by my parents house and it was super windy.  I love this shot of Jael on the playground. 


It was music recital day for us.  All three were involved and we participated in 2 recitals.  I was taking pictures for our teacher and I like this one I got of Jael performing her songs. 


Today after school the kids wanted to play with bubbles.  This kept them occupied for over an hour!


Jael had another soccer game last night.  Her team was playing some classmates and former team members from last year.  They started doing cheers on the sidelines.  It was the 3 girls at first and then the boy decided he might as well join in.


I thought this tree looked so beautiful with the leaves just starting to poke through. 


Here are the beautiful flowers my hubby and munchkins got me for Mother's Day!


Today we took the kids bowling for something special to do.  It was a lot of fun.  It was Isaac's first time bowling and he did so good.  I did not too bad either, but that was thanks to the bumper rails covering the gutters.


Here's my sweet Jael...love her smile with all her teeth coming in.


And this is what happens when you fall and hit the sidewalk with your forehead first.  He was so good about it and didn't say that his head hurt at all.


Tonight was Jael's first soccer game.  They were missing a few players so she had lots of playing team and was nice and warm once the game was done.  I like this picture of her, especially with Daddy in the background.  He's helping coach her team this year. 


This picture makes me so excited.  Our apple trees are close to blooming and the leaves coming out.  I love when the apple trees are flowering!

And here is what I did today instead of cleaning and doing laundry:)  I've been wanting a camera bag that looks more like purse than a usual camera bag.  I found this idea  here and have been looking for a purse to use.  I finally found one I like today.  Above is the purse empty with the dividers and padding.

Here is the bag with my camera, an extra lens and my wallet.  I'm sure I can fit some more in there too!
Here's a picture of the outside.  I got the purse for $14 and the rest of the supplies for under $10.  I'm quite happy with the finished product!


Tonight was Micah & Isaac's first soccer game.  They both did so good!!! 


I snuck this one of Micah when she was up the playhouse this afternoon.


Soccer season has begun for us.  Jael had her first practice this afternoon.  I apologize if there are few soccer pics in the next 2 months:)