I love seeing new flowers bloom throughout the summer!


It was shortly after 9:00 here and Jael is already outside reading books.  I love that my children love to read. 


Today was the first day of summer holidays.  We went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program.  Here the kids have already started filling up their reading logs. 


We've started taking bike rides down by the river and had to grab a picture from where we were riding.  Still can't believe how high the river is. 


Some more flowers from garden. 


Today was a busy day with it ending off at our community association fun day.  Jael's is showing off the butterfly she got right before a downpour came down. 


Miss Micah's Kindergarten final program was today and it was rodeo themed.  I have such a cute cowgirl!!!


We enjoyed a beautiful day with the new slip and slide.  Isaac loves sliding on it so much.


Can't believe I caught this bee on the peony. 


We had a nice rain and I love how the raindrops look on all the plants.


This was one of Isaac's gifts from his preschool graduation today.  Not sure why he wanted to lick the bubble but thankfully he never popped it and had to taste it.


Here is the father we celebrated today and a true representation of my children! We love you very much!!


Here's another iris I have that started to bloom.  I was able to catch a picture with the sun shining in between the rain showers.


This is one of my favorite flowers in my yard and I woke up to it being open this morning.  I was able to get a picture of it before the rains started!


Isaac and his little cousin Magnus.  Magnus loves Isaac and they enjoyed playing in my in-law's backyard for the morning.


There was some neat skies out after we got home from Jael's soccer practice so of course I had to get the camera out:)


Had to capture Jael playing in the sandbox.  We are thrilled that the kids still play with the sandbox in our back yard so much. 


I don't know if I have any words for this....


The final day of the soccer tournament and all 3 kids got medals.  Here are the 2 little ones with theirs!


The girls decided to make "beds" in the sand box.  We didn't realize we had that much sand. 


Here is the 1st day of our soccer tournament.  Isaac touched the ball more than usual and did really well.


Miss Micah is taking a break from her climbing all over the playground while she is waiting for her sister to finish her soccer practice.


Micah brought this home for school today:)


Yes, more flowers:)  They are so much fun to photograph!


The corn flowers are just starting to bloom.  It amazes me every year how much they multiply!


It's my hubby's 35th birthday.  The kids and I threw him a birthday party with some of our friends.  As you can tell, the party had a Green Bay Packers theme.


For some reason, Isaac decided to join Duane in his shirt...love my boys!


Micah and Isaac had a field trip to a farm.  This picture is amazing since Micah is NOT an animal person and here she is holding a kitten.  This is a HUGE step for her!


This was the last picture I got of the baby robins.  Later in the day we found the nest on the ground and the robins no where in our yard.


I had to get a picture of miss Micah's nose.  She had a little accident Monday evening on her way home from soccer including her scooter and a hill. 


This morning I went out to check the garden saw my onions starting to pop up!


Love all my Lily of the Valley, too bad they didn't bloom longer.