Today we celebrated my nephew's 8th birthday and my sister in law's birthday.  My nephew along with Jael and Isaac made this Lego creation and came out to show it off.  They were all smiles and giggles!


We went for a scooter/bike ride after supper this evening and then spent some time playing in the back yard.


This is what happens when you edit pictures all day and ignore the big pile of clean laundry.  At least it was clean:)


This was our first day home.  The kids spent a lot of time outside playing.  They were happy to be with their toys again.  Micah made this wonderful bracelet out of a branch.


I didn't get many pictures taken this day, we were up super early and were quite tired from our trip.  We found a better place to eat in the Toronto airport than on the way down.  Here's Isaac enjoying some apple juice.


Here is a picture from the airplane as we were leaving Haiti...what a beautiful country!!!


We spent most of the day today by the pool at our hotel in Cape Haitien.  This is such a great picture for my little buddy because by the end of the day he was jumping into the pool all by himself.  When we were in the pool in Fort Lauderdale last week, he would hang on to Duane for dear life so jumping into the pool all by himself is HUGE!!!!


The cutest flower girls and ringbearer before my sister's wedding today. 


Here is the grapefruit tree that was just outside the front door where my sister lives.  I'm just a little disappointed that they weren't ready when we were there. 


This is the cactus fence that we walked by from where my sister's house to go to the main road. 


This was taken on our flight from Florida to Haiti.  I thought it was neat to still see the moon. 


One of my favorite pictures so far!!!  We found this turtle, at a store this afternoon and it spent a long while in the pool once we got back to the hotel!!


Here's 2 of the 3 with the moose from the Toronto airport.  Glad they are looking relatively happy!!!


Here is Miss Micah with her cousin Malachi playing the ipod.  You'd never guess that Micah is exactly 2 weeks older than him!!!  Just a little bit of a size difference but they get along great.


Isaac was having balloon fights with Daddy today and I caught one of his faces.  Such a cutie I have and he had so much fun.


You'd never guess by this picture that there was snow on the ground this morning.  Jael spent a good hour in the back yard after school to make a whole Fairies scene with sidewalk chalk. 


The two children that went to church on Sunday made resurrection eggs.  Since we leave on Monday and are not going to make room to take them with, we are doing a faster version of them so the kids can go through them all. 


Even though it was a little cooler out today, the kids played outside after school until supper.  They were thrilled to be allowed to play with chalk on the driveway and sidewalk.  Isaac wanted hopscotch drawn out for him and here he is hopping down the path.


Micah reading her book in the living room.  I'm still amazed at how well she reads!!


Daddy stopped by on his way home and brought new sidewalk chalk for the kids.   This is what Micah drew!!

As you can tell, she loves Ariel from The Little Mermaid:)


This was my excitement today...seeing tulips coming up.  Very exciting since there is still snow in our yard. 


Again, not a great picture but not bad considering I wasn't feeling great and neither was this little munchkin.  Here she is with her new scooter and bicycle!!  Unfortunately she hasn't had the energy since we bought them to use them.


This was the only picture that I got this day before I got sick.  It's a good one though.  Jael and her best friend practicing piano together!


Here's Miss Micah counting up Smarties.  Her class had a "Color Celebration" this afternoon and this was one of the centers. They had to graph Smarties and then write how many each color had.


Tonight was our first BBQ of the season!!!  It smelt SO GOOD!! 


And here is the final product of Jael's science project.  She used the reciprocating saw to cut the dowel to hang the chimes.  She did really well with it and her teacher even commented to me that she did well.


Another beautiful day out and Micah thought so too and decided that she didn't need a jacket to play outside afterschool. 


Today was another beautiful day!!  After we got home from church, the afternoon was filled with working on Jael's first science project.  Didn't quite get it done but we'll be able to finish it up tomorrow.  I love the look on Jael's face as she is listening to Daddy explain how to use a reciprocating saw.


Here's Miss Micah showing her true personality.  She came down the slide and was "TA DA!!".  Don't you love all the water in the background??  We went for a walk to the kids' school today and this was the sight at the one park.  All 5 kids were soaked within minutes!!


Out for another puddle jumping walk today and wow were there a lot less puddles than Wednesday.  I love how Jael loves her little brother and siseter and how they love her back!!!  She is such a great big sister!!