I had the privilege of helping out in Micah's classroom today for their celebration of 100 days of school.  I always enjoy seeing our children interact with their classmates and teacher.  Here is Micah painting a picture after she had finished her assigned tasks.


Here's my little buddy again.  My parents took the kids for the afternoon and then made us all supper.  Much appreciated!!  Isaac enjoyed having strawberries for dessert!!


Here is what our Saturday afternoon looked like...popcorn and Lego!!!


And here's the picture for the 2nd tooth lost.  We heard her calling form her room before 7 this morning and it was gone.  It takes a bit to get used to seeing her like this and it's awfully cute how her speech has changed.  Happy weekend everyone!!!


This was the excitement in our house.  Notice that she doesn't want to open her mouth in the first picture and then she reveals the hole in her mouth in the second and the other front tooth that is holding on by a hair.  Hopefully that one will be gone by tomorrow.


Yes, it's my little buddy again.  Today came the shirt and tie we ordered for my sister's wedding.  We tried it on this evening to made sure it fit and of course had to take a picture.  He will be the cutest little ring bearer!!!


Today's prompt was portraits.  The day has gone quickly even though the kids are on break and are home all day.  Our opportunities for natural light were disappearing so here are my portraits of my children while we were outside shovelling our driveway and then neighbour's driveway.  So nice to be able to get out of the house and get some fresh air!


Somehow Isaac seems to the subject a lot lately.  We were at my nephew's birthday party and Isaac was playing a game with hubby and I caught this cute shot of him. 


This little munchkin was done lunch before the rest of us and went downstairs to play Wii.  This is what he was sitting in while playing...he thought he was hilarious!!!


This is my littlest munchkin right after his bath.  The look on his is face is how I feel right now...ready for bed!!


And this is why I take pictures!!!  I love that my children love to look at the photos I have taken.  I hadn't developed any of the pictures for the kids for last year so I made them Shutterfly albums for 2010 and gave them  to them this evening.  They thought they were great!!


It's just been one of those days and I'll catch up on the Joy of Love tomorrow hopefully.  But until then, here's the leftovers from the snack I provided for Jael's midweek program at church.  She requested popcorn with butter on it, one of her most favorite snacks!!!


Today was a self-portrait with a loved one.  Well, at least my hubby looks good in this one.  I've been painting all day and looking after our youngest who is sick because of the painting.  So needless to say, I wasn't excited about getting my picture taken but here it is.


My loved ones kiss...love the look on both of their faces.  So thankful how much they love each other!!!


Our loved ones jewlery was the topic today.  I thought I'd do the picture like this.  It's been over 10 years since we've had a picture like this.  Today is our 13th Valentines Day together!!!


Today we were suppose to photography the routine of a loved one.  Practicing piano is routine for both of the girls right now.  They both take lessons and practice on a daily basis.  Sometimes it is a happy practice, other times not as much.


Today's assignment  was our loved ones eyes.  I had to include all 3 of my munchkins since I got a good one of each of them today!!


Our loved ones dreams was what we were to take a picture of today.  Well, I think this could be both my hubby's and mine dream...to see our children grow up and have the same close relationship they have now 20, 30, 40 years from now. 


Today was where a loved one spends time.  This is Isaac in his bedroom.  I usually know if he is quiet that he is in his room playing quietly on his bed or on his floor.  I love his bedroom.  It is the first room I painted in the house and I still love the colors in his room.  Once again his tongue is nicely sticking out as he is concentrating!!


Today's assignment was a hobby your loved one enjoys.  Well, this was an easy one and that is good because I worked a 13 hour day at a civic by-election today so I haven't spent much time with my loved ones.  But Lego is soemthing my children and hubby all enjoy as a hobby and if you came to our house you would easily see that.


Today's assignment was a gift that was given to you by a loved one.  Well, this is the best gift my hubby has ever given me, the opportunity to stay at home and spend every day with our beautiful children!!!


Today's assignment was to photograph generations.  This photo was taken on Saturday at Micah's party.  She is saying thank you to Great Grandma (my Grandma) for her gift.  We are so thankful that our children have a relationship with their Great Grandma.

Here is a picture I took today of Jael and hubby.  They are working on her final copy of her composition for her music class.


Today we were suppose to take a picture of something they loved.  Well, this is a picture of the team that my hubby loves and how fitting on the day that they win the Superbowl!!!


Today's assignment was to photography what we love to hate:)  Due to our busy day today this is what I came up with.  My daughter Jael's bed...I really don't know how she can sleep in this but she does.  Here's another pic of our day.

Here's Micah with her actual birthday cake.  I was happy with how it turned out and Micah loved it!  Happy Saturday!!!


Today we were suppose to take a photography of what our loved one wears.  So, this is what my dear daughter Jael wears everyday to and from school in the winter.  She loves this red toque that Daddy got for her a tradeshow at a conference he went to.


Today's challenge was to find something that has changed with someone you love since you met them.  Well, it's not exactly from when I met Isaac but it is definitely something I have noticed that has changed on him since he was little.  My little boy used to have very light blond hair and now it is getting darker brown.  Here are the "then" and "now" pictures!

Isaac on his first birthday, toothless and big blue eyes with very blond hair.

This is Isaac today, it's amazing how much his hair has changed.


Today's assignment was how someone we love looks.  So, this is one of my favorite "looks" of Isaac.  Him with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth.  He does this a lot especially when he is concentrating!  Love it!!


     I'm particpating in this mini class this month.  I'm excited about doing the assignments every day.  Today's assignment was to find a loved one doing what they do.  Well, today since it is Micah's birthday I had to use her.  This was right after she had opened a gift from her friend she had over for a playdate.

 So, this was Micah doing what Micah does best...give me strange smiles for the camera.  We were to use natural light and I love how these turned out!